Dog Walker OG

Dog Walker OG Strain Review (Collective Awakenings)


Strain: Dog Walker OG

Genetics (See comments section): AWOG (Albert Walker X OG Kush) X 98 Chem Dog

Type: Hybrid (Indica Dominant)

Dispensary: Collective Awakenings

Donation: $10/gram


Dawg Walker OG Smoke Report

Appearance 4of5 


These Dog Walker OG nugs from Collective Awakenings are covered in a thick layer of plump, healthy trichomes, which are a nice mix of clear, cloudy and amber under the microscope. Breaking apart one of these perfectly cured nugs showered my table in trichomes – it almost looked like it was snowing from the bud. While I’m not sure of this strain’s lineage, the buds exhibit many characteristics common with Chemdawg and OG buds – such as having looser buds with stacks of calyxes – not quite foxtails – building up the bud.



Pungent. That’s the best word I can think of to describe this herb. It’s a super funky, skunky, cheesy mix that really grabs you by the nostrils. I catch a lot of the familiar Chemdawg funk in the smell of this herb, which is a good thing. But beware: openings a jar of this in a large crowd would definitely turn heads. :)



The Dog Walker OG carries some mellow flavors very similar to the pungent aroma of this herb. Immediately I tasted some of the skunky funk on my palate followed by some spicy undertones – not an overpowering flavor, but nice and distinguishable nonetheless  One of the many high points of this herb is how clean and smooth it burns. The joints I rolled all had nice white ash falling from the end – a sign that the herb has been flushed properly. All around this is a very smooth and enjoyable smoke.



Starting my morning with a joint of the Dog Walker OG certainly helped me realize how potent this strain can be. Midway through the joint and I already felt my head rising to the clouds while my body began melting into the couch. I was easily distracted when smoking this herb – realizing about a half-hour into the session that I had started 4 or 5 different tasks and hadn’t made much progress on any of them. The high mellowed out and I was left in a state of blissful relaxation.

Overall 4half


I’m a fan of heavy-hitting, super funky buds – and this Dog Walker OG was right up my alley. I really enjoy everything about this bud, from the skunky, funky aroma and taste all the way down to the smooth smoke and heavy-hitting stone that left me spinning in circles all morning. I haven’t seen Dawg Walker OG on any other menus around town, so you’ll need to head over to Collective Awakenings to check it out.




  1. Dawgwalker OG is Albert Walker x Tres Dawg (Chemdawg crossed w/ itself three times) But I hate that u reviewed this strain b/c now everyone knows about it. NOT COOL. It is my favorite go to strain & now the cats definitely out the bag. Hope a whole bunch of newbies don’t “have to get” this strain now.

    • Thanks for sharing the lineage, David! I thought the Chemdawg presence was undeniable, but wasn’t sure what else went into this super fine lady. Hehe, she is a treat for old pros and newbies alike 😉

  2. FYI As the Creator of the Dog Walker OG, I would like to make a correction here. This particular DW at Collective Awakenings is different. The cross is (Albert Walker x OG Kush) X 98 Chem Dog. This differs from the the “other” Dawg Walker.

    • Awesome! Appreciate you coming on to share the info!

    • What is 98 chem dog? ,never heard of it

  3. @ David no need to worry bra! Your Dawg Walker is still under wraps. No reviews as of yet.

  4. Genetics correction: AWOG( Albert Walker X OG Kush) X 98 Chem Dog = Dawg Walker OG.

    • @one eye if u are the creator of Dawg Walker OG I for one would love to say “thank you” B/c this strain/medicine is the ONLY flower that lets me function day to day w/ it’s great medicinal benefits. I would love to know if u do any other strains b/c I can tell from the DW OG that u KNOW what you’re doing. I have a ton of respect for the amount of care you put into your flowers. And I would love 2 follow you if you have any social media feed. I’m on Instagram @johnnybl8ze503 or kik same name or I can give my email. But otherwise keep doing what your doing bro.

  5. Dawg walker OG is that shit!!!

    • Agreed!

  6. Very exclusive, you wont find this one flooding the market yet. It speaks for itself, very potent and ver pungent. On a scale between one and ten (ten being the highest) I would rate it at a 8.9

  7. What is ’98’ Chem? Being serious here, been around the Chem cuts a while now and never heard of that one.

  8. possibly one of elite genetics old strains still lingering around (98 chem)? there was some funk to be found once you weeded through all the herm prone genetics. Excellent work on this strain, good sir.

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