Jillybean DBHO

Jillybean DBHO Review (The Canna Connection)


Name: Jillybean DBHO

Type: Hybrid (Indica Dominant)

Genetics: Unknown Orange Skunk X Romulan X Cindy99BCGA

Dispensary: The Canna Connection

Donation: $30/gram

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From the breeder: We were lucky enough to be gifted this amazing Orange Skunk and the day we smoked the finished bud we knew we had to outcross it with our Space Queen male. You don’t really have to be a master breeder to figure out orange, pineapple and mango will be a good combination. The resulting outcross is remarkably stable and is close to a 50/50 representation of the parents. Topped only once it grows into a nice short bush with lots of side branching and multi heads. Flavors range from orange, Tang, candy, mango, and apple. The cross works really well in SOG or SCROG. Very large stems and huge top colas make this an easy strain to grow in any medium. (Source)


Jillybean DBHO Review

Appearance 4of5 


The Jillybean DBHO is a beautiful golden-yellow color and is free of any visible debris or pollutants. Small holes from the vacuum purge process are speckled across the surface of the oil, which seems to almost sparkle under a light (you can see in the pics above). It’s a fairly dry DBHO (in comparison to others I’ve sampled recently) and the oil quickly breaks down to more of a sand-like consistency, making it a little more difficult to dab up than usual.



One of the first signs of a great oil is if it smells like the flowers from which it came, and this Jillybean from Canna Connection does just that. Like Jillybean flowers, the oil has a very sweet, fruity smell up front with a tangy sour finish. It reminds me a nice sweet grapefruit – simply delicious. No hints of butane at all in this sample.



This oil tastes amazing! It burns very smooth and clean off the nail, leaving strong flavors of sweet fruit with a slight sour bite at the end. Just like with the smell, the flavor of this oil reminds me mostly of sweet grapefruit. After the initial blast of fruity funk the oil leaves a pleasant aftertaste of toasted almonds. It’s really delicious. The entire hit is very smooth on the throat and lungs from inhale to exhale – a lovely oil.



While Jillybean is technically an Indica-dominant hybrid, it’s not a heavy stone like you may imagine, and it actually left me feeling more energetic than lethargic. Shortly after taking a dab I felt pressure building behind my eyes as a wide grin spread across my face – in fact, several dabs of this oil left me giggling uncontrollably for the first part of the high. I felt the effects then spreading across my body, leaving my muscles loose and relaxed, but never to the point where I felt couch-locked. All around this was a nice uplifting high that relaxes your body without crippling your mind.

Overall 4half


For me, my preference for oils usually hinges on how the smooth an oil is and the flavor it carries. This Jillybean DBHO from Canna Connection is pretty much as smooth and flavorful as they get. The unique and tasty flavors of the flowers are carried over in spades to this DBHO. And to top it all off the oil has a very pleasant, uplifting stone that’s good for anytime of the day dabbing.


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