Nuken Strain Review (Oregon’s Finest)


Strain: Nuken

Type: Indica-dominant Hybrid

Genetics: God Bud x Kish

Dispensary: Oregon’s Finest

Donation: $10/gram

See lab results from this Nuken sample

Nuken Lab test


Nuken Smoke Report

Appearance 4of5 


The Nuken sample from Oregon’s Finest is completely covered in plump, healthy trichomes. The flowers range from bright lime to deep greens, with an almost blue/purple tint on the crowns. While the buds are a bit leafy, the manicure is very nice and I removed very few leaves before breaking up the bud in a shower of trichomes.



One of my favorite parts of this bud is the smell. Opening a jar of Nuken nugs unleashes sweet, funky smells into the air. To me, the sweetness is very similar to a homemade pie crust – nice and sweet with a soft, floury finish. When I break the bud up in a grinder, the sweet smell intensifies, but this time with undertones of skunky funk at the end, almost kush-like. All around a really amazing aroma on this bud.



No matter how big of a rip I took off of a joint, bubbler, bong or otherwise, the Nuken smoke was silky smooth and delicious all the way through. The sweetness from the smell is maintained in the smoke, only now with predictable smokey undertones – like the pie crust got a bit burnt in the oven. Overall the smoke is one of the smoothest I’ve had recently – must have been a very nice regiment of organics followed with a full flush.



The Nuken buds take after their namesake: pretty much dropping a THC bomb straight on your mind and body. Just like the silky smooth smoke of these buds, I felt the effects of the Nuken coming on smooth and steady. Before I knew it, however, I was plastered to the couch from this heavy indica-dominant strain. Wave after wave of body-numbing energy pulsed through my body, leaving my muscles relaxed from head to toe. As you can see in the lab results above, these buds pack a walloping 25.99% THC – that’s about as high as you’ll find in town – and also have a high CBN content for flowers. Those factors combined make this a highly medicinal strain great for night-time sessions.

Overall 4half


I’ve never come across Nuken until recently at Oregon’s Finest and, my god, it’s an awesome strain. From the trichome-coated nugs and sweet, sweet funky smell to the incredibly smooth smoke and powerful stone, Nuken is one of my favorite strains as of late.



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