Blackberry Cheesequake

If Blackberry Cheesequake wasn’t such a joy to smoke, I would probably just eat the nugs because they are so damn beautiful. See my full review of Blackberry Cheesequake from Treehouse Collective below.


These beautiful purple nugs shimmer and shine under a light. Soft orange, almost peach-colored pistils are spotted throughout the herb, which is completely caked in big fat trichomes. Truly a sight to behold. My only complaint is that the nugs could be manicured better (re-occurring theme with me?).
These nugs carry the familiar fruity, skunky funk that remind me of other Cheesequake batches I've sampled - not overpowering, but present.
This is a very clean, smooth smoke. On exhale your mouth is left a slight skunky flavor followed by sweet floral flavors reminiscent of honeysuckle. Very tasty!
Blackberry Cheesequake is a nice blend of head-buzzing sativa and full-body relaxing indica. The effects come on slow and smooth after smoking a joint and last for the better part of two hours, leaving me ready for a catnap after the high.
On the surface these buds are beautiful - deep purple and sugar coated - and down below they have a nice funky smell and smooth, sweet smoke. Be prepared to hang out on the couch giggling for a while after smoking this.
Name: Blackberry Cheesequake

Type: Hybrid (Indica Dominant)

Genetics: Blackberry x Cheesequake (Cheese x Querkle)

Dispensary: Treehouse Collective

Donation: $10/g

Good For: Pain, Anxiety, Insomnia


Blackberry Cheesequake Strain Review


On my first visit to the TreeHouse Collective (THC) I was tempted by quite a few strains that I haven’t seen at other resource centers around Portland. As a fan of the original Cheesequake, a super funky and potent cross between Cheese x Querkle, I was immediately reached for the jar of Blackberry Cheesequake.

Treehouse Collective Portland Menu

Here’s a peek at THC’s menu, click the image to see a larger view.

As soon as I peered inside the jar I was hooked on the gooey, trichome-caked nugs of purple funk. The nugs have beautiful pale-orange pistils that stand out against the deep purple hues of the herb. Under a microscope the trichomes are standing tall – mostly clear and a few cloudy. The nugs could have a tighter manicure, but overall they are beautiful.

The Blackberry Cheesequake herb gives off a soft aroma of fruity, berry funk, not too different than other Cheesequake batches I’ve come across. When the buds are ground up the funk hits the nose a bit harder, but the smell is pretty soft all around.

A joint of Blackberry Cheesequake burned smooth and even, leaving clean ash and no chemy harshness on the throat. The smoke tastes of soft fruity flavors followed by sweet floral undertones. The end flavor reminded me of honeysuckle – it is really delicious.

The original Cheesequake herbs are a wonderful mix of mind-buzzing sativa and body-relaxing sativa – and the Blackberry Cheesequake strain is no different. While enjoying a joint the buzz started in the top of my head, putting pressure on my eyeballs and relaxing the muscles in my neck. My arms and legs had a nice tingle as I relaxed on the couch with my eyes closed. After a couple hours I felt the high subsiding and I drifted off for a catnap – what better way to end a nice session?


  1. i really like both strains cheescake and blackberry this one is awesome

    • Agree! On their own Cheesequake and Blackberry are great strains – and they play very well together if I must say.

  2. Last pic shows obvious mold. A shame this is pushed upon patients who put their trust in a dispensiary.

    • I didn’t see any traces of mold on the bud, and I inspect all of my samples under lights and a microscope.

      I believe what you’re mistaking as mold is actually the plant’s cystolithic hairs.

  3. Just picked sum up nice looking lots of tricomes good heady smoke no complaints

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