Blue Magoo

The trichome-caked Blue Magoo nugs from Oregon’s Finest give off a mouth-watering aroma of blueberry funk that fills a room in moments. The allure of the Blue Magoo isn’t only on the surface, however, read the full review below for more.




Name: Blue Magoo

Type: Hybrid (Indica Dominant)

Genetics: Dj Short’s Blueberry x Major League Bud (William’s Wonder F2)

Dispensary: Oregon’s Finest

Donation: $10/g

Good For: Pain, Stress, Anxiety, Insomnia


Blue Magoo Review

Appearance 4of5


These Blue Magoo buds are truly beautiful. Bright orange pistils set off by deep purples throughout the herb. The buds are a bit leafy but every inch is caked with trichomes.

Smell 4half


Close your eyes and take a whiff of this bud, you may think someone just opened a jar of blueberry candy under your nose. Very sweet and fruity aroma. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

Taste 4of5


The flavor is just as good as the smell. The sweet, smooth smoke leaves an intense blueberry flavor in your mouth with slight sour undertones. Once you get a taste you’ll go back for more, and more, and more…

Effects 4of5


Very potent indica stone. Full body relaxation for a couple hours after smoking.

Overall 4half


This is a superb strain. From the bag appeal and smell to the flavor and potency, this bud is tops on my list of recent medicines. Only complaint is that the bud probably could have gone a bit longer on the plant.


There are  few strains out there that make my mouth salivate uncontrollably when a jar of nugs is cracked open – one of those strains is Blue Magoo. Like a freight train carrying the world’s supply of blueberries, this clone-only strain from Oregon will wash over your senses with wave after wave of blueberry fruity funk.

The batch from Oregon’s Finest does the strain great justice. Coated with trichomes, the herb is perfectly cured and is a nug pornographer’s dream with its deep purple hues and bright orange pistils. Under a microscope the trichomes are mostly clear with a few cloudy, making me believe the buds could have matured a little bit longer on the plant, but that’s just me being nit-picky – the smoke is still top notch.

When broken down the Blue Magoo fills the air with the delicious, sweet smell of blueberry funk – very similar to grape candy. That same scent carries over to the flavor making Blue Magoo a truly wonderful smoking experience.

The Blue Magoo high is very powerful and relaxing. I felt the effects quickly after sparking a joint and was soon locked to the couch as my extremities tingled and the tension in my body relaxed. The soothing stone lasts for the better part of two hours and afterwards I was ready for a nice nap.

I’ve sampled Blue Magoo at several dispensaries around town, including Cannabliss and Collective Awakenings, and I can say that the batch from Oregon’s Finest is as good as I’ve seen. Definitely recommend trying it out for yourself.


  1. wow, I am coming to Portland to grab some soon. I am in Eugene

    • Awesome! Be sure to check their menu online before coming up, I don’t think I saw Blue Magoo when I visited last week.

      • has this strain available for delivery in PDX. It’s AMAZING! I agree with PDXherbnerd, my mouth waters when a bag of this is opened. Probably my second favorite overall smoke.

  2. Just harvested my Blue McGoo last week 9-21-13 in jars and will be ready soon.

  3. I’ve been growing for many years & just acquired this strain to finely try out. Better then that I just got a 1/2 oz. and let me tell you! Blueberry goodness throughout! This is easily Portland’s finest!

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