Deadhead OG

These trichome covered Deadhead OG nugs from TreeHouse Collective pack a powerful head-buzzing punch. Read the full smoke report below.



Name: Deadhead OG

Genetics: ’91 Chemdawg x SFV OG F4

Type: Hybrid (Sativa Dominant)

Good for: Pain, Anxiety, Stress

Dispensary: TreeHouse Collective (THC)

Donation: $10/gram

Click here for the history of Deadhead OG

The Dead Head OG strain is a cross of the famed original Chem 91 (Chem Dog), an original skunk cut from Virginia. As story goes that the Virginia Skunk cut was the only verified cut Chemdawg (breeder) himself gave out. Chemdawg is considered “The legend of legends”, since it was said Chemdawg got seeds from a Grateful Dead concert, hence the name “Dead Head OG”. Chemdawg is the creator of so many legendary strains such as: OG Kush, Sour Diesel and so forth. This cut was crossed with San Fernando Valley (SFV) OG Kush F4 male. (Source


Deadhead OG Review

Appearance 4of5 


These deep green trichome-covered buds have beautiful splashes of purple throughout which while thick orange pistils burst out of the buds topping it all off. Under a microscope the trichomes are mostly cloudy and clear with very few amber. My only complaint is that the buds are a bit leafy, but my eyes are quickly distracted by the layers of shiny trichomes. This herb will certainly get a joint dark and sticky.



While the buds don’t smell too strong when I removed them from the container, a soft squeeze unleashed skunky, funky and lemony-pine aromas into the air. Quite pungent and sour to the nose.



Taking a few pulls on the joint before it was lit tasted very similar to the smell – delicious funk. The first pulls on the lit joint filled my mouth with soft flavors of pine and spice with funky undertones. The flavor was pretty tame compared to the sharper smell of the herb when given a squeeze. Midway through the joint the smoke began feeling pretty thick and heavy, stinging the back of my throat a bit.



The effects of the Deadhead OG buds hit me fast and hard. Shortly after smoking a few bowls I felt strong cerebral feelings as the intense waves of energy worked all the way down to my toes. After about half an hour my head was pleasantly swirling and my body felt relaxed and melting into the couch cushions. The strong effects lasted nearly two hours, leaving me relaxed and a bit hazy afterwards.

Overall 4half


These nugs are simply beautiful, with multi-colored trichome-caked leaves set off by deep orange pistils. You will definitely want to get a kief box out for this herb as it will be showering trichomes all over your table. While it is a heavier smoke and can be a bit harsh on the throat, the skunky funk and mind-bending potency make it a great smoke.

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  1. new in my area. have to go to new disp. from California the land of the BEST. What is deadhead dog??? I need something to knock me out at night. Have always loved white widow, champaign for DAY any suggestions

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