G13 x Haze

G13 x Haze Strain Review – POTlandia (Dlux Pharms)




Strain: G13 x Haze

Type: Hybrid (Indica Dominant)

Dispensary: POTlandia (Dlux Pharms)

Donation: $10/gram


G13 x Haze Smoke Report

Appearance 4of5 


Trichomes! So many fat, shimmering, shining, glorious trichomes on this bud – a visual playground if you have a magnification device. The buds exhibit very sativa-like characteristics with stretching (not airy) lime-green buds speckle with patches of bright orange pistils. Really attractive herb.



The smell of the G13 x Haze buds are dominated by strong odors of sour piney funk. It’s one of those aromas that almost makes your eyes water with its sharpness. When I ground up some of the buds I got more scents of fuel and sour citrus undertones.



These buds are cured very nicely, making it a pleasure to roll into a fat joint. Before lighting I took a few pulls and tasted flavors of pine and sour citrus, followed up with some slight cheesy funk on the end. Sparking up the joint filled my mouth with thick smoke that left flavors of familiar spicy-haze mixed with soft hints of pine and citrus. The smoke was a bit sharp on the back of my throat but wasn’t too harsh on my lungs.



The G13 x Haze stone is a nice blend between the couch locking effects of G13 and the uplifting cerebral high of Haze strains. I’m about halfway through a joint when I start to feel the effects, first with pressure building in the front of my head and sinus cavities then shortly after as my body began to relax down to my toes. All around this is a very potent full-body stone that, for me, swayed more to the Indica side of things, leaving me relaxed and ready for a nap.

Overall 4half


The G13 x Haze from POTlandia (Dlux Pharms) is a wonderful cut of this world-renown strain – there are many different varieties/phenos out there. From first sight of these trichome-caked nugs down to the heavy stone of a G13 x Haze joint, it’s hard to go wrong with these beautiful buds.



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