Shamrock Kush

Shamrock Kush (Collective Awakenings) 


Strain: Shamrock Kush

Genetics: Pre-98 Bubba Kush x SFV x Harijuana

Type: Indica

Dispensary: Collective Awakenings

Donation: $10/gram


Shamrock Kush Smoke Report

Appearance 4of5 


These beautiful Shamrock Kush buds from Collective Awakenings make it feel like St. Patty’s Day is already here. First, the buds are several shades of green that would make any Irishman proud – top that off with a nice layer of healthy trichomes and we’re off to a good start. And just like the head of an Irish native, these buds are topped with a nice layer of deep orange pistils.



The Shamrock Kush doesn’t have an overpowering smell in the medicine bottle, but as soon as I gave it a soft squeeze my nose was greeted with waves of musty, cheesy funk. I can pick up some hints of the pungent Pre-98 Bubba Kush in the smell and slight piney undertones from the SFV.



Just like the smell of this bud, the flavor has several layers, including a musty punch that immediately hits the palate followed by some sour, piney undertones. The herb is a bit sharp on the back of the throat, but I tend to find that bite in many cuts of Bubba Kush. Overall the bud burned very clean and smooth in my pipe.



I smoked a couple bowls of the Shamrock Kush while in bed one morning – flash forward two hours later and I was still in bed. After smoking the first bowl I felt pressure beginning to build in my sinuses and temple areas. After the second bowl I had no choice but to lay back in my bed with a wide grin spread across my face. Even after I was able to peel myself out of bed, I felt that my eyes were still a bit squinty for hours after smoking the bud – it’s a very potent indica stone.

Overall 4half


These Shamrock Kush buds pack a nice funky flavor and aroma, but those are both an afterthought compared to the potency of this herb. I will definitely be smoking more of this bud in the evenings, but probably not again before noon. :)



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