Durban Poison

Durban Poison Strain Review (Cannabliss)

Strain: Durban Poison

Type: Sativa

Dispensary: Cannabliss (PDX Herbs and Extracts)

Donation: $10/gram

Learn the history of Durban Poison

This chunky subtropical Sativa is named after the South African port city of Durban and has been the dominant strain of dagga in the surrounding hills and plains for longer than anyone can remember. The genotype is favoured by local growers for yield and dependable, uniform flowering – across the region, thousands of kilos of Durban’s dark, distinctive Sativa buds are produced each year. The fact that Durban also happens to be Africa’s busiest port allows a good proportion of each harvest to reach smokers in every other continent, making the region’s namesake cannabis the best-known African strain by any measure.

In her homeland, Durban’s reputation among growers has been earned through a lifetime of first-class results and rock-solid reliability. Smokers everywhere – even those who only see imported Durban in brutally compressed ‘brick’ form – know her to be a Sativa like no other, with a mind-blowing high that puts a person’s head in the clouds and occasionally seems to leave the body back on earth.

Sensi Durban captures all these qualities in form that can flourish in temperate north as easily as in the tropical zones. Our acclimatised Durban is one of the purest Sativa seed-strains available today and she’s very different from the tall, spindly, extra-sensitive Sativas found closer to the equator. Durban is heavy-branching, robust and even in the worst summer she can produce stunning harvests of sparkling, sticky buds with a distinct lemon-aniseed flavour.

In her land of origin, this strain is known as Durban Poison when grown to her full potential. Naturally, Durban is as non-toxic as every other strain of cannabis, though her unusual power and the immediate rush with which it takes effect have occasionally been known to unnerve less experienced smokers. Many people report a unique effect from Durban which might be described as a ‘narcotic Sativa’. At higher doses it can induce a dreamy, red-eyed high that doesn’t weigh down smokers with the lack of energy or soporific effects common to comparably powerful Indicas. (Source)


Durban Poison Smoke Report

Appearance 4of5 


The Durban Poison buds have an almost golden shimmer thanks to the bright green flowers covered in a nice layer of trichomes, many of which are amber. In typical Durban Poison fashion, the buds have stout outcroppings of swollen calyx which are very tight and dense.



The Durban Poison buds first hit my nostrils with a wave of citrus, lemon funk followed with soft spices and earthy undertones. The smell isn’t overpowering in the jar, but grinding up a bud fills the air with the delicious smell.



While the Durban Poison smoked very clean and smooth (burnt a nice white ash), the flavor was rather subdued compared to other Durban Poison batches I’ve sampled. I detected faint flavors of citrus and pine, but nothing overpowering on my palate.



A pure sativa strain, Durban Poison packs a wonderful uplifting high that kept my mind running and creative juices flowing during the day. A big hit of the Durban Poison actually made my forehead get a little sweaty, and soon thereafter I felt a growing clarity in my mind while my vision seemed to ripple with the intensity of the high. My body felt very loose and springy, making it easy for me to stay active without having to sit down for a rest during the first couple hours after smoking. I also found that the Durban Poison does a great job stimulating my appetite and it kept me munching happily throughout the day.

Overall 4half


The uplifting sativa high is the star of this Durban Poison show. While I’ve sampled other batches that have more smell and flavor, this batch packs some nice potency that is perfect for what I need to stay active and motivated during the day.



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