Ganja Jon’s Afgoo Shatter Review

I finally crossed paths with extract made by Ganja Jon, BHO-master and winner of a 2012 Cannabis Cup Seattle. Trust me, it was worth the wait.

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PDX 710 Dab Contest Results

A couple weeks ago I attended the PDX 710 Party at The Refuge. I went solely to judge the concentrate contest, which featured 10 local BHO extracts.

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Green Crack Shatter Review

This Green Crack shatter came by recommendation of the budtender at Collective Awakenings. Check out the full smoke report of this beautiful oil.

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Obama Kush BHO Wax [Video]

Obama Kush is one of my favorite strains to smoke lately, and this Obama BHO Wax from Oregon’s finest does the...

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Hells Angel OG Shatter

Type: Hybrid (Indica Dominant)

Dispensary: Collective Awakenings

Donation: $30/gram

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